A middle school Math teacher sharing tips, ideas, and resources.

Hi teacher friend

I’m Natalie. I’m a former struggling Math student turned 6th grade middle school Math teacher. I started this teaching journey at just 21.5 years old with an untraditional route that paved the way for The Teaching Files.

Let’s Keep it Real…

When I’m not hard at work on resource creating and grading, you can probably find me on the couch with my husband and 2 fur children. These 3 are the behind the scenes sidekicks of The Teaching Files. They feed me, remind me everything will be okay, and sit beside me on the long nights. Without my squad, I would not be the teacher I am today.

I found myself creating activities, lessons, and resources for my middle schoolers daily because everything was dry, irrelevant, and not fully aligned to what my students needed. I realized, if my middle schoolers needed something different, so did students from all over. I am beyond thankful you and I are connecting because I am here to serve YOU.

I am a passionate middle school Math teacher who loves bringing engagement and rigor into my classroom. My goal is to support classroom teachers in making Math instruction meaningful for their students too! Read More