Welcome to the Party Bus

Hi, I’m Natalie and I help middle school math teachers with sharing engagement ideas and resources.

The fact that you’re here tells me that:

-You’re someone who tries their best to reach students every single day.

-You value high leverage teaching practices like making learning relevant and meaningful to

students in a variety of ways.

-You want to provide a an experience to students every day, but are looking for new, easy ways to

do it.

I am a 7th year teacher in Central, CA who enjoys creating activities, lessons, and resources for my middle schoolers to allow them to engage in our content.

The fact that I love coffee (but it has to be iced or I don’t want it), school supplies, and reality T.V. should probably show you where my energy, love, and ideas for engagement come from!

If you’re ready to hop on the party bus with me…

Sign up and grab a free game board template below, send me a DM, or check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Welcome, I'm Natalie! I am a passionate middle school Math teacher who loves bringing meaning and rigor into my classroom. I love supporting middle school teachers in making Math instruction engaging for their students too! Read More..